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Hay Bro, Welcome To Fiverr Reviews. This Blog Is All About My Personal Experiences With Fiverr. I am Not Officially Connected to the Fiverr Team. Fiverr Reviews blog is basically for writing Some Best Fiverr Gigs based on My Previous experiences and analysis. So Keep Reading My Experiences Here in Fiverr Reviews

Last year, I simply had a very important content video and some posters to be published within 2 days.  My content publisher became sick due to his severe fever and I am no expert or experienced in those works. My projects and deadlines were messing me up and I simply had no clue how to solve it.

But then, I got introduced to something worthy and useful to me at that moment. One of my friends introduced me to a site named Fiverr, which is a freelancing site. I signed up there and instructed my works to be done and deadlines to be met. The next day exactly within 14 hours, I got my work done which is pretty tremendous to me. Yes I paid for those and the cost I had to bear is pretty much satisfying to be compared with the work and the completion time. And the transactions took place via credit card.

The overall experience was pretty awesome to me and I found some advantages of using it.

Advantages Of Fiverr (Positive Fiverr Reviews)

Dirt cheap: The pricings that are fixed in the Fiverr is one of the best advantages of using Fiverr to me. The prices are absolutely worthy and pretty much stabled when I compared it with the content, time met, and the quality of the work. It is usually one of the best in the market to get the desired work done in our own estimated time.

I usually did the transactions in my currency which is USD. The value of USD is very much high in many countries which not only satisfies them but also restricts my budget to be big. No wonder many Asian people are engaged in it, they earn the highest and the clients from the western sides get their desired work done conveniently.

The pricing is also set according to the demand of time we are to meet the work. The work sometimes requires to be done urgently (like mine). So the pricing of that category of work is a little higher than the usual one. But, the quality and satisfaction obtained from the work are worth the money and appreciable.

Get great ideas: The Fiverr is one of the best websites and freelancing sites when it comes to giving you a variety of ideas you possess to perform. When I uploaded my demands and all on the site to do it accordingly, I got the best work so far from them. The way and the idea they implemented to my work and the projects are mind-blowing. Due to their experience and capability, they usually modify what you often want and give you the best possible outcome of that work. The idea and modifications they gave me are the best I can expect out of this.

The idea generalization usually comes with the variety of persons present there. Most importantly, the people there are very much skilled and realistic to the work they are usually assigned. No wonder why the sight is very active throughout all the stages. The feedback and the swiftness I received from the site are very much appreciable and the ideas generated are fantastic.


Protection: When I signed up and was about to assign my work to Fiverr, the first thought I had in my mind was whether my works are protected or not and whether I’ll get the best of my payments. But the policy and the system of the site is so strong and beneficial to me that I became flattered to it. Their protection policy is worth every penny I spend there and their service and security are the best.

Most of the clients in Fiverr like me do possess the thoughts of whether we can get the money refund if the work remains incomplete. The answer is a simple yes and it is done quite comprehensively. Moreover, the amount we usually pay is not much in number which keeps us in a pleasant state and makes our mind more relieved.

The work that has to be done gets reached to the freelancer of Fiverr who does it with full security and anonymously which is one of the best features of having such strong security. The freelancer as well as the client remains unknown and thus their work gets done full officially and their contact remains blocked from all the places.  This not only preserves the identity but also the highest security of the work is maintained throughout the whole process.


Speed: As I mentioned above how urgently I had to deal with my project due to the time scarcity and more importantly I had to make it a quality content also. The time required and the deadlines to be met is a very important aspect of the work. The website Fiverr is the best in providing the work quickly within the desired time and targeted way.

The best advantage of Fiverr lies in the speed utilization and the quality it provides in doing the work. The best and the most important factor of the provider is to get the work done in the desired time and specific way. The site Fiverr by default provides the option of doing the work as per the required time with a specific amount of money to be executed.

With the extra money, the freelancers never disappoint to provide the same quality content in the shortest time and also making the clients more satisfied. Nevertheless, the money amount does vary but it is worth every penny. The freelancers doing the work quickly and the site regulating it with that aspect is one of the best.


No job descriptions: As I have said earlier I had a very shortage of time, I looked for platforms that usually do the works more quickly and precisely. Just forget about the time, the complications of registering and filling the forms with long job descriptions is a very big load to be taken.

Fiverr is such an amazing site that fulfills this quality more and very accurately and precisely in such a way that the complications of the clients during signing up remains the least. No job descriptions are eventually required in this site and that most accurately makes it the most simple and unique site.

The access in it was quite simple and less time consuming to me. It took such small information so accurately providing the best descriptions and the most security to the clients.  I signed up quickly and the access to it made my approach much fast and quick.


Convenient Contact: The contact on the website is very much crucial when it comes to the negotiations and other steps. I have used a lot of freelancing sites and those do lack the proper and convenient ways of making communication with the freelancers. It messes up the mind and makes us overthink about the usage of the site again.

Fiverr generally enables us to make the communication with the freelancers pretty much easily and conveniently. It possesses a chat feature and makes the clients very convenient to use it to communicate with the freelancers. It not only saves time, but also makes the customers much friendly and more convenient and suitable for using the platform.

It also shows us whether the persons from both the ends are available at the same time or not and thus satisfies the communication system and availability between them. Using the Fiverr not only saves time but also helps the customers to gain more trust in these frequent sites.


No shortage of work: Usually the freelancers mostly work seekers and they do feel the need of getting more works to the level they can. Mainly most of the sites do get the possession of producing good content but with selective freelancers. In this way, many capable and deserving freelancers do get deprived of their work and thus a very huge disparity among them can be seen.

The Fiverr is such a good platform for freelancers such that the work comes to them. Since the pricings in the Fiverr starts from a very low and mediocre amount, it hardly dissatisfies a client. As a result, it does possess the ability to be a favorite to all with the features and services they provide and making the most use of the pricings. The clients of all fields to enter the site. As a result, a huge section is allocated for the freelancers to deal with, and their remains no scarcity of work in Fiverr.


After having all the experiences and advantages, I went on using the Fiverr a lot of time for my dealings. But with time, I got to understand some demerits and drawbacks of the Fiverr. I faced a lot of unwanted garbage and other credential problems regarding my project.

I certainly had no idea of having these experiences and it not only affected my work but also made me demoralized a lot in using the platforms. Not only for the customers but also for the other freelancers, the Fiverr is becoming quite complicated with the less usage and validation of it.

Disadvantages Fiverr

Lots of Garbage: I searched for a lot of work from there. The section content creators and other menu sections are usually a very big platform to be used for the clients in terms of giving them work and completing it. It is generally meant to give us a clear and satisfaction view of what I tend to have and the things I want to complete.

But the site Fiverr literally lacks a lot in having the swift verification and circulating what I want and whom I want. The Fiverr is generally filled with a lot of garbage and other related ad contents which not only slows the work but also makes us frustrated. The frustration in a certain period might result in a very handy way.

What I want is a clear cut section having the best way to deal with my work. But the garbage and complications of the Fiverr regarding the price, content, and demands are very slow and frustrating.


Language Barrier: I being a western citizen mostly use English as this is my native language. It is also the most standard language for communication throughout the world. For that purpose, being a random host, it is my responsibility and my feature to regulate all my speaking and instructions in English with the freelancers.

But a certain interruption is seen in this case. Most of the time, the freelancers hardly understand what I want (the number is not negligible). It is okay with the understanding ones but the others make a mess to it. I have faced a lot of errors and disruption in communicating with them via chat. Neither they nor I understand what we want to say. This largely happens as many of the freelancers only develop the quality of freelancing rather than having the quality to communicate and presenting their ideas. I found it a very big and critical cause.


Pricing Games: Remember how I praised the pricing of Fiverr a lot? I have done a lot of projects by them. Usually their pricings are shown in the respective section and all I had to do is to confirm by having a chat with the freelancer. I did it a lot until once, I faced something which to me felt cheap and demoralizing.

I had to do a project for about 10 USD. The pricing in Fiverr was fixed and I approached a client. We were going well until we came to the matter about transactions. He started the pricing of the product to be 3 times than the usual one. I instantly rechecked and found that it was 10 USD still. Going back to him, he told me that the price has to be 30 USD or no deal at all. I became shocked and depressed at the same time and found myself no other way but to pay him as it was very much urgent for me.

This type of problem in Fiverr is really disturbing and unrealistic when compared with the top notched sites. Like doing such lobbing and makes the customer more demoralized towards the freelancing. It not only affects the customers but also the other freelancers suffer the blame as a whole.


Refunds: I usually do my works via Fiverr in some urgent matters and usually to save time. I did use it a lot for the purpose. But one day, my work thus assigned remained undone for a lot of days and I had to make the work before my deadline. The work was for about 50USD which is huge and the ardency of getting it was also equally important for me. So I decided to do the work by other means and decided to cancel the order as the site Fiverr has the return policy.

But, little did I know that the returned fund will be stored in the Fiverr site as ‘Fiverr credits’. That means, the money will stay in the site and it cannot be cashed out from it. Which stands that the money you once pour in Fiverr will never come in your hands again.

Yes the money in the Fiverr is reusable which means you can reuse it on your upcoming or other orders. The site will deduct the stored amount from the credits by itself. But having a huge amount of money ion the credits and the obligations to use it is ridiculous. To me 50 USD as an obligation amount might not seem to be that difficult but there are orders worth more than that. If any of them gets canceled, the money remains in the site and we have extra pressure to use them by using the Fiverr site again.

Price Hike: The pricings in the Fiverr seems to be nice and friendly to me at the beginning. I got my job done within 5-50 USD a lot. With that pricings, I got satisfying services and made the most use of it. But as the day passes, everything tends to be updated. So was the pricings.

The work that was worth 5 USD has reached such a stage that it can hardly be afforded by the clients. A price range increment with 30-40% is never dissatisfying but the number looks ridiculous when it increases by 3-4 times than the initial one.

USD 5 worthy work now became nearly 19 USD which is nearly 4 times the usual one. The other pricings have also increased in the same way and the result is very much dissatisfying. With that amount and the portion of work, it is not worthy to complete my work by Fiverr. Not only for me but also for the usual users and clients might also go up to find other ways to sustain and get their jobs done by other means.

Commission: The freelancing sites are a huge platform for freelancers to earn money by showing their privileged skills and other techniques. They are pretty much skilled enough to perform them and give a good name to the platform. But amid their performances, the platform does deserve a share for promoting them and for its usage. For that purpose, the Fiverr does have the feature of gaining a specific amount of commission from the money the freelancers gain after the completion of the project or work.

But the amount thus deducted should be quiet friendly for the freelancers to be dealt with. But, the amount deducted in Fiverr as a source of commission I pretty huge and expensive to the freelancers. It deducts 20% of the total amount of money they gain from work. It means 1/5th of the money will be given to them without any negotiations and the freelancers are bound to follow it.  As a result, it is a very tough and handy work for the freelancers to perform the big projects as a major portion will go to the commission and they can do nothing about it.

Account blocking: The freelancing sites do deal with a lot of accounts every day that makes them a very popular and loaded site. Some of the accounts might remain inactive for a lot of days and some might even remain dead due to its less use. In this case, the freelancing sites having a lot of accounts, and customers do not progress due to the lack of their content and users.

Though many of the sites do have the facility of dealing with them and making them use their account by various policies and all, Fiverr doesn’t have any. It straight away blocks an account and makes the account permanently unusable for the future. This do rises a lot of problems and disparity in the people.  The account in Fiverr might remain inactive for various purposes. People do deal with a lot of works and like to make a lot of taste from other sites too. Blocking it deprives the customer to use the site for future purposes if the customer values it among all the other sites. It hardly gives proper time to the customers to rethink of what they decided and makes the activity, causing the customers a free declination to the site.

Fiverr Reviews


Final Words:

The Fiverr is a very important and useful site for the clients wanting to do things via freelancers. It generally makes them unable to get their work done by them in the shortest period. The time and the deadlines meeting satisfaction is one of the best features of the site. It not only works with time but also enables the best way of making the work more qualitative.

Moreover, the freelancers of this site are no less than an expert and experienced one. Everyone’s work is worth the money and their dedication seemed interesting and joyful at the same time.

Although the site has some drawbacks, we can easily avoid and overshadow them when keeping them beside its advantages. It not only makes the best way to do the work at a reasonable price but also makes their customers a very loyal and good follower to the site. Keep In Touch With me For More Fiverr Reviews